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I am an iOS developer at Lyft in San Francisco. While at Lyft I have worked on many aspects of the product, shipping our complete Swift rewrite, and now maintaining and improving the core of our all Swift codebase.


I worked as a Cocoa developer at thoughtbot. We focused on creating awesome products with great design and high quality code. While at thoughtbot, I worked on products at very different stages of development. This included brand new iOS apps, prototyping proof of concepts, and legacy codebases.


Sail was a small application for quickly posting your thoughts to and Twitter from OS X. I shipped Sail and iterated on it until went under. It reached number 78 on the Top Paid section of the US App Store a few months after it was released.


I created a Universal iOS app for Bartlett Tree Experts. The application serves as a quick reference guide for employees in the field, and allows representatives to quickly and easily diagnose the disease or pest that is causing plant failure. I served as the only developer on the project for almost 2 years as I finished college.

Open Source

While working on my iOS and OS X projects, I have followed the Open Source (Almost) Everything philosophy. Under that principle, I have open sourced components created while working on internal projects at thoughtbot. I have open sourced many components of Sail. I have contributed back to projects I used in Bartlett's iOS app, and client projects at thoughtbot. I have also open sourced many of the custom development tools I use on a daily basis.


CocoaPods is a Ruby based tool for managing 3rd party dependencies in Objective-C projects. I began managing the repository of library specifications and contributing small amounts to the tool itself, while submitting my own projects to CocoaPods. I have since become the primary specs repo maintainer, where I manage 3rd party submissions to CocoaPods.


I graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in computer science. While at Winthrop, I learned the theory behind many of the computer science concepts I use everyday.

Work History

  • iOS Developer - Lyft (2015 - Present)
    • Work on the all Swift Lyft iOS app.
  • Cocoa Developer - thoughtbot (2014 - 2015)
    • Developed high quality iOS and OS X applications for clients of all sizes.
  • Mobile Developer - Bartlett Tree Experts (2012 - 2014)
    • Created and maintained an internal iOS application.
  • Freelance Consultant (2009 - 2014)
    • Assisted small businesses with their technological needs, including web development and technical support.
  • Apple Expert - Best Buy (2007 - 2010)
    • Assisted customers interested in Apple products in order to find the best product for their needs.
  • Technical Services Intern - McColl Center for Visual Art (Jan - June 2008)
    • Assisted resident artists with technology related issues.

Fun Facts

  • I have a Doberman & German Sheperd mix named Katy
  • I love craft beers
  • I'm a huge baseball fan
  • I enjoy cycling, scuba diving, and sailing